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Big Idea (South Africa)  
Big Idea

BIG IDEA started as a collaboration of artists from backgrounds representing the mixed masala of cultures that make up KwaZulu Natal.

They have managed to infiltrate the vanguard of Durban's music scene to become one of its boldest champions. Through their music they cross cultural bridges and build new ones where no - one had thought they could exist!

BIG IDEA are the leaders of the resurgence of live music in Durban. Since their inception in 2004, the band has rapidly become the quintessential hip-hop/jazz fusion group. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Quincy “Q" Fynn, the band is Gareth "2 Gees" Gale on drums, Burton Naidoo on keys, vocalist/emcee King Babar, emcee JET and Dj. LV on decks.

Electric performances at TransAfrica Express, Krakatoa and Splashy Fen 2005 & 2006 were followed by more chilled performance at The Centre for Jazz and Popular Music (UKZN), allowing BIG IDEA to demonstrate their ability to appeal to a diverse audience.

Genre: hip hop
Their performances are characterized by the energy that is exuded by the entire group. 2 Gees is a powerful and stylish drummer who utilizes his experience as a jazz and rock drummer to it's most potent effect. He provides presence and leadership, which, drives the music forward constantly.

Keyboardist, Burton Naidoo (recent winner of the SAMRO award for piano) is nothing short of a virtuoso. His constant tinkering adds the spice that sets BIG IDEA apart from others who attempt to marry the intellect of jazz to the simplicity of hip-hop. A true Jazz aficionado, Naidoo lends his vast experience and success as a jazz cat to the outfit and the results are nothing short of sonic bliss.

Emcees King Babar and Q are the waistcoat and jacket of the outfit respectively. Babar is better known as one-third of pioneering hip-hop outfit Illuminating Shadows where his abilities shine as both beat producer and through rhyme. With BIG IDEA his skills as a lyricist, beat boxer and freestyle emcee extraordinaire fascinate and thrill audiences every time he touches the microphone.

Q's rhyming and descriptive lyricism is “uncompromising, honest and crystal clear? He has honed his skills through poetry and was one a participant at Poetry Africa 2005. He has added a new, unique voice to the South African performance poetry landscape. He describes his work as "Wentworth inspired poetry that both reflects and dispels the stereotype of the urban colored youth." He is inspired by the contradictions, which he says characterize the new South African democratic age: Growing up in a community, which is tight knit and yet deeply divided through violence, crime and abuse; Living on one of the most beautiful strips of coastline in the country yet breathing the most polluted air anywhere in the world (Durban's South Basin).

True to hip-hop form (which requires nothing less than a posse of "hip-hop heads" onstage) Dj. LV. (a gifted scratch master) and young emcee and crowd conductor Lee "JET" Wynne complete the outfit. The group has just released their debut album entitled “HOT BOX?through Ruffinery Records, an indi label setup by Fynn, Redpath and partner/engineer Rory “The Jacob" Jacobs.

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