46664 - 1 YEAR ON
4 Track E.P. Release

10 Jan 2005 
Paul McCartney, Queen, David A. Stewart, Jimmy Cliff and Sting

New Tracks Exclusive to iTunes

For Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Campaign

A year after the historic 46664 concert in South Africa which launched the Nelson Mandela worldwide HIV/AIDS campaign carrying his former prison number, new tracks recorded to support the campaign featuring Paul McCartney, Queen, David A Stewart, Jimmy Cliff, Sting and even Nelson Mandela himself are being made available for the first time exclusively on iTunes.

The 46664 ? Year On?EP offering 4 tracks specially written for Nelson Mandela’s Global 46664 initiative are now available for download throughout the world excluding Spain. The USA will make the tracks available from January 18th.

The tracks feature unique one-off collaborations that see Paul McCartney and David A Stewart working together; Jimmy Cliff with Sting and Tony Rebel, and a new Queen track featuring Nelson Mandela himself reading from his own writings, track listed as follows:

1. Queen + Nelson Mandela ?Invincible Hope
2. Whole Life ?Paul McCartney/David A Stewart
3. People ?Jimmy Cliff featuring Sting & Tony Rebel
4. Freedom’s Coming - Da Universal Playaz

Only the Queen track has been previously heard, when the band performed the song during last year’s concert at Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium, an event which saw artists such as Anastacia, Beyonc? Bono and the Edge, Eurythmics, Bob Geldof, Annie Lennox, Ms. Dynamite, Dave Stewart, Zucchero, and a host of South African artists perform in front of a live audience of 40,000 and a global television audience of over 2 billion.

Many of these artists have recorded new material for 46664. These four tracks constitute the first to be made available, further tracks will follow.

A donation in respect of each download sold will be given to the Nelson Mandela Foundation to assist the 46664 campaign in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.

At the same time as these tracks are being made available Former President Nelson Mandela has announced plans for a second 46664 concert in South Africa on March 19. Queen are due to return, working for the first time in concert with Free/Bad Company singer and musician Paul Rodgers, together with a number of other international artists. Details of the full line up will be announced later this month.

For more information and to download the 46664 ? Year On?EP go to www.46664.com
If you already have iTunes just go to the Music Store to find the EP.