11 Mar 2004  
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Roots Calling! - Film on S.A. musicians in U.K.
Pinise Saul and Lucky Ranku.


Music Documentary due to be broadcast on SABC1 on March 15, 2004 @ 10pm

‘Roots Calling’ is a documentary about Pinise Saul and Lucky Ranku, two extraordinary South African musicians who were exiled to the UK in the mid 1970’s.

Shot in London and Cape Town, the documentary follows their musical journey to reveal the passion and dedication that lies behind the music.

The producers brought Pinise and Lucky to Cape Town where they are re-united with musical colleagues many of whom they had not seen for decades. In a township tavern, Pinise and Lucky meet up with the legendary Winston Mankunku, which results in emotional recollections and improvised musical collaboration.

The film explores the issues of whether roots displaced can yet bear sweet fruit; it also shows the poignancy of remembering those on whom the strains of their dislocation took a heavy toll and who departed prematurely, and of meeting long-separated friends after decades.

Roots Calling! is the first half of a projected duo of documentaries dealing with the milieu of the late legendary Dudu Pukwana, begun by producer Robert Abel more than five years ago and directed by Mark Kaplan.

Produced by Oblique Productions
mailto: oblique@telkomsa.net

Image courtesy Oblique Productions.